New Year Tour

Setting out to Japan amid New Year’s is an incredible opportunity to catch an uncommon flash into the modernization of conventional Japanese society. It is a period when most Japanese individuals return home to share in conventional functions and celebrations a large portion of which explorers can get an opportunity to see and share in themselves. New Year’s is one of few events where you can see Japan a nation known for its advanced innovative advances return over to extremely old conventions. One of those conventions is Hatsumode, the first holy place visit of the New Year. For all intents and purpose each sanctum crosswise over Japan will be will be loaded with individuals coming to beg, get O-mikuji and purchase Omamori. As a traveler you can share in all these ceremonies and numerous places of worship now offer O-mikuji in English depictions of the Omamori. An Omamori exists for everything, from leg agony to activity wellbeing, and they make extraordinary trinkets for loved ones. This is additionally one of the uncommon opportunities to see men wearing full Kimonos on the grounds that it is a generally basic practice for the New Year. Those sufficiently lucky to be going on the second Monday in January, can see numerous ladies wearing their Kimonos for Coming of Age Day, a national occasion for ladies who have turned 20 in the previous year. To commend they dress in unrestrained Furisode Kimonos and can be seen strolling the boulevards about all over.

New Year in Japan

The end of the year is laden with diverse enlightenment shows crosswise over Japan. A huge number of glittery lights contain lovely structures, walkways, and scenes that make for a genuinely important experience, which are just perceptible at this point of year. Tokyo Tower showcases different enlightenment presentations including a 15 to 20 meter Christmas tree. Furthermore, it offers an extraordinary night perspective of the city, which is such a breathtaking view! There are numerous other light shows crosswise over Japan, so make sure to check with your nearby tourism board to discover those that fit best with your excursion plans.


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Crunched for Time at Disney

While going to a well known theme park such as Disney will not bring you the cultural thrill you might be looking for when visiting Japan, Tokyo Disney will still leave most people with a ton of good memories of having a wonderful time. Tokyo Disney still lives up to the Disney theme park’s motto as the most magical place on earth. Both youngsters and adults will most definitely be grinning the  moment they step foot into this fun and exciting theme park but the sheer size of it would leave even the fastest runner with so much to do and so little time. Here is a game plan for anyone going to Tokyo Disney. Follow these steps and you will find yourself satisfied and smiling when you leave the most magical place on earth.


The map of Tokyo Disney

First things first one must allot one whole day for visiting Tokyo Disney as it encompass two very large areas. (Tokyo Disney Land and Tokyo Disney Sea) Another thing to note is that it is best to visit Tokyo Disney during a weekday and during a time that there are no holidays in order for the lines and crowds to be significantly reduced.

One must first arrive at least 30 minutes before the theme park opens in order to be ahead of the line for buying tickets. The most crowded place in Tokyo Disney is the Toy Story Area, it is best to leave this if one has extra time and go straight for the Tower of Terror. Buy fast passes in order to be ahead of the line. One technique is to send one person to buy the fast pass  ticket to this ride while others get a spot in the line for journey to the center of the earth ride. First ride the JTCOTE ride then head to the 20,000 leagues under the sea ride. After both these rides dash to the Indiana Jones ride from which you can eat a quick meal before cashing in the fast pass ticket to the Tower of Terror. Once you got all the rides out of the way head over to  the Mystic Rhythms show. After this you can explore different themed areas such as the Fortress Exploration, and the Venetian Gondola Sunset cruise. End your trip with Closing Mysterious Island.

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Tokyo musts

Tokyo is such a big city. There are numerous sites to behold, things to do, and people to meet. It’s such a diverse and interesting area of the world that would keep one surprised at any corner. It is no surprise that it is a mega city. For those visiting the sprawling metropolis of Tokyo, you could be left baffled at what to do and where to go. Here are a list of things that one must include in their itineraries in order to get a diverse and interesting visit to the majestic city that is Tokyo.

Tokyo is full of different sights

First things first. One must definietely plan their trip to Tokyo during Spring. This would be around the months of  March and April as this is the time for Cherry Blossom viewing. The simplicity that is sitting down and wataching the beauty of the cherry blossoms is something that cannot be gained anywhere else in the world. It is the symbol of Japan, so not seeing them is like missing the best part of your trip. The best places to go cherry blossom viewing would be in Ueno Park, along the Meguro river and the Sumida river, and the Asukayama  Park. This would also give you some time to walk around the parks!

The next would be the Meiji Shrine in Shibuya. This would allow one to gain access to a unique experience that is learning about ancient Japanese traditions and cultures. You will be able to see numerous instances of the Shinto religion first hand.


In order to get to see the crazy side of the young kids of Tokyo, there is no other place to go than Yoyogi park. Yoyogi park is home to the different fashion trends that kids follow. From rockabilly to goth, you can find any kind of trend here. It is just a short walk from Meiji Shrine.

The last thing to do is go to the Ryogoku Kokugikan. This is Japan’s largest sumo hall. Here one can watch training sessions, matches, and rituals done by authentic Japanese sumo wrestlers. It is reachable through the train lines.

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Tokyo Free of Charge

Tokyo is an amazing place to be in. It is also an expensive place to visit. Being an ever sprawling megacity, Tokyo’s development and industrialization has skyrocketed the prices of commodities. Keeping on a tight budget will seem next to impossible in this city, but it is in fact not the case. One does not even have to look far and wide through the city to enjoy commodities at a moderate price. Just steer clear of common tourist traps and obvious expensive locations, and you will find yourself immerse in places that a normal middle classed Japanese salary man would enjoy.

There are free thins somewhere in there

One can opt to visit the Imperial Palace. Take in all its majesty from the best view available-outside the castle. Hop on a bike or wear your running shoes in order to circle the majestic palace from the numerous paths that surround it. One will also enjoy the garden that surrounds it.

Wake up extremely early and line up to enter the Tsukiji market. Watch as the numerous newly caught fish are brought into the market and see the intense fish auction happen. It is often advisable for one to be at the market by 5 am.

Take the time to get lost in Harajuku. Harajuku is home to the Omotesando road. Here numerous architectural wonders are available for your viewing as well as the numerous gink trees. It is also great to go through Yoyogi Park and acquaint yourself with the numerous colorful youths of Tokyo. Feel free to have your picture taken with all the Tokyo subcultures.
For  the inner youngster, take time to explore akihabara. Here you will find everything you would want in order to get your fan boy (or fan girl) fix. This area is known for the numerous otaku shops. You will most definitely find places which showcase all the best Japanese animation out there as well as all the video game and electronics you could ever imagine.

For those who would happen to chance their trip on a festival, watching the events is free of charge. One can watch in amazement as the cherry blossoms hang over head or watch in awe as Japanese men walk on fire. Just check the calendar to see what’s in store.

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Why dive in Japan

Japan is distinctive in pretty much every way and does things in its own particular exceptional way and is generally superior to other most different places on the planet. This weird nation offers bounty more dive and suba spots than anyone could hope to handle.

The waters surrounding Japan is one of the world’s best places for scuba diving as well as snorkeling. Japan features a multitude of beautiful and unique dive spots such as a plenitude of lovely coral reef, shocking marine life and a submerged antiquated lost city. Japan is not especially known for water sports such as diving yet has diving destinations to adversary the absolutely most acclaimed on the planet.

Dive in Japan

A thousand miles south from the Tokyo Metropolis lies the sub-tropical Okinawan islands with white sand shorelines, perfectly clear tropical waters and gigantically various marine life equivalent to the Great Barrier Reef. The islands have an immeasurable show of swoop locales from excellent delicate coral cots, zeniths and dividers, enormous drop-offs and boat wrecks. In any case, each one island has something altogether different to offer. The Okinawan islands offer a portion of the clearest subtropical waters on the planet with perceivability normally at 30 meters in addition to.


Yonaguni island and the Iseki lost city is one of the plunge world’s most beautiful and secretive dive spots with this submerged giant conceivably being more seasoned than the Egyptian Pyramids and just obvious from a few meters under the ocean. Plunging through the goliath hallways of the Yonaguni stones has got be up there with the swooping marvels of the world. The coral settlements off Ishigaki Island are a portion of the greatest and most changed on the planet alongside that of the Great Barrier Reef.


The marine world’s enormous critters are on show side-by-side with the macro marvels of the underwater world. Just about ensured sightings of the grand Manta in Ishigaki, Hammerhead in Yonaguni and the Izu Peninsula and Dolphin in Ogasawara alongside nudibranch, shrimp and sensitive coral life in the Kerama Islands. This nation has all that you require as a jumper.


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Hot Sun and Cool Waters

The Island Hopping itinerary starts and finishes in the Tokyo city giving a striking acquaintance and finale with appear differently in relation to whatever remains of your Japanese island escapade. Going south of the capital, Ishigaki is the door to the Yaeyama subtropical island chain. With palm tree lined sandy shorelines to unwind on, a rocky inner part to find and assorted coral and marine life including gigantic superb Manta to snorkel and jump with, Ishigaki is a world far from the inaccessible capital city.



A short boat ride will bring you to the minor island of Taketomi where the primary transport over the island’s five square kilometers is via a water-bison drawn truck. Safeguarded customary Ryukyu-style manors are spotted over the island with different red tile tops, arrangement dividers made of coral and Shisa lion-like statues securing from wickedness spirits, a typical sight over the Okinawa district. The biggest yet slightest created island in the chain is Iriomote. Secured in wild wilderness and mangrove woods, the island brags a rich differing qualities of vegetation. Water rafting up the streams cutting into the thick wilderness and trekking to the highest point of waterfalls for perspectives over this staggering national park are extraordinary approaches to admire this subtropical diamond. Your stop in Naha, the capital of Okinawa primary island, brings you over to the current world. Formally the inside of the antiquated Ryukyu Kingdom, It is prescribe a visit to see the great Chinese impacted structural planning of Shuri Castle.


Before you come back to Tokyo, you’ll make a last island stop in the Kerama Islands, home to white sandy shorelines, rich green inner part and encompassed by translucent subtropical waters. The Keramas offer a percentage of the best snorkeling on the planet with untouched coral, different marine life. The waters likewise welcome moving Humpback Whale in the middle of January and April which offer yet more regular excellence to these lovely subtropical islands. Once you get back to the big and bustling city of Tokyo, you would find yourself dreaming of the hot sun and cool waters.


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Nature’s Beauty in Nikko and Sendai

This trip will have you first going to Nikko, to visit some of Japan’s most elaborate sanctuaries and hallowed temples and delight in the excellent view around Lake Chuzenji. Lake Chuzenji is a beautiful lake in the mountains surrounding the town. One can reach it at the foot of Mount Nantai, Nikko’s hallowed spring of gushing lava, whose emission obstructed the valley underneath, consequently making Lake Chuzenji.

Lake Chuzenji


Chuzenji lake’s shores are generally undeveloped and forested, with the exception of the lake’s eastern end. There the little hot spring town of Chuzenjiko Onsen is found. The town is likewise the site of Kegon Waterfall, the most well known of a few waterfalls in National Park of the area. Also a famous waterfall, Ryuzu Waterfall, is placed at the northern shores of Lake Chuzenji where Yukawa River releases into the lake. Touring travels are an alternate approach to view the lake and forests in the area. Travels start from the dock in Chuzenjiko Onsen and shuttles over the lake to Chuzenji Temple. Other than Chuzenji Temple, pontoons serve Shobugahama Pier close Ryuzu Waterfall and Senjugahama at the lake’s west.


You then head further north to Sendai, an energetic current city with a mixture of day excursion alternatives on offer, so you can tailor your time here to suit your inclination. Sendai is home to different recorded destinations identified with the Date crew. The remains of Sendai Castle are found near downtown on Aobayama, which additionally gives a surrounding perspective of the city. The Zuihōden is the tomb of Date Masamune and is additionally home to antiquities identified with the Date crew. It is found on a slope called Kyogamine, which is the customary resting spot for parts of the Date crew.


Waterfront view at Matsushima, the precipice top sanctuary unpredictable of Yamadera and the rich history of Hiraizumi all go after your consideration. Following 2 nights in Sendai you will venture out again to Tokyo for a last night before heading home. In Tokyo you will mostl likely just spend the days and nights comparing the bustling and highly urbanized city with the rich and lush views of nature that you had experienced.


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Exploring Modern Japan

Japan has a rich and deep culture which has evolved and changed over time through their rapid industrialization and modernization. Now, Japan is one of the most technologically advanced country in the world and with their (relatively) new found rise in power their culture has gained newer and more unique forms. We all know of the various castle and shrines which tourists are so often eager to visit, but let us take a gander at exploring the newer and more up to date cultural offering of Japan. This itinerary will have you experience the new world culture of Japan all in a day.

Tokyo’s Akihabara Electric Town

In Tokyo’s Akihabara Electric Town, you can spruce up for the sake of entertainment, comic book–inspired outfits, regardless of what age you are. This private, family-accommodating visit drenches you in the realm of “otaku,” a Japanese subculture that commends anime and manga. Get equipped for cosplay, posture for a shoot in a purikura, stop at shops peddling feature diversions, and revel in a beverage with karaoke. You’ll likewise get to request you decision of tea or espresso in one of the numerous energetic servant bistros that line the occupied boulevards. Nicknamed Akihabara Electric Town for the electronic merchandise sold there after World War II, Akihabara is currently a social center point for aficionados of anime and manga who call themselves otaku.


Comic-book and machine shops remained by cosplay bistros, where individuals take on the appearance of their most loved characters. Begin your voyage through Akihabara belting out your most loved tunes with your companions in a beautified karaoke room. Next, camouflage yourself in a rental outfit and cosmetics for a photograph shoot in a purikura, otherwise known as photograph corner. Venture inside and pick your experience, including stamps, shimmers and a casing. Once you’re done, your portraits are naturally printed for you.

Akihabara Maid Cafe


After roughly half an hour of cosplay, you will then find yourself in one of the numerous mainstream Akihabara maid cafe. Here, servers dress in French servant ensembles and treat supporters as though they’re being served in a private home instead of a restaurant. After your server amenably welcomes you, head to your table and revel in a complimentary glass of tea or espresso. Use an hour drenched in this stimulating cut of otaku society. For an extra charge, your server may sing a melody or join your gathering in a table amusement.


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Rule the Day as a Samurai Warrior

Experience, even just for a moment, what it is to be a samurai warrior amid a training session at a dojo in Tokyo. This one day activity will have you figuring out how to think and move like a talented samurai as you learn to wield the deadly samurai sword, learn of their philosophical standards, and practice the many stances and developments while wearing conventional samurai armor. Anybody who goes through this tour will truly get into the samurai passion when you’re fitted with the traditional Japanese warrior armor, which is perfect for a photograph. Workshops are taught by experts who have passed down the samurai ways for numerous eras.


Be a Samurai Warrior

This activity will have you start off early in the morning. From your chosen inn one must find their way to Hamamatsucho Bus Terminal. This is the terminal where you’ll board a train to Tabata Station. When you achieve the dojo for your 2-hour session, an expert educator, who are respectfully called shihans, shows all of you have to think about the samurai.

The term samurai was initially used to signify the privileged warriors, however it came to apply to all the parts of the warrior class that rose to power in the twelfth century and overwhelmed the Japanese government until the Meiji Restoration. The samurai society created a lot of people such exceptionally Japanese expressions as the tea function and blossom orchestrating that proceed with today. The perfect samurai should be a stoic warrior who took after an unwritten implicit rules, later formalized as Bushidō. These overall prepared, exceedingly gifted warriors served their rulers with outright unwavering, in the end turning into the most astounding positioning social standing of the Edo Period. Samurai existed their lives as per the moral code of the Bushido, which states how gallant men ought to act in their individual and expert lives.


Be a Samurai Warrior

In the wake of rehearsing a short reflection, watch a show that incorporates samurai weapons, for example, lances, bows and shafts, and swords. After the show, it will be your opportunity to get into the samurai soul as you change into customary dogi garments, a basic dark kimono and hakama. Often the training session will begin with shuriken training (a term for a throwing weapon), then figure out how to draw, sheathe and wield a katana (the term for the sword used by samurai).


Alongside getting to know the utilization of these weapons, you’ll pick up knowledge into the samurai rationality as you practice stances and an arrangement of developments called a kata. After your session, you’re fitted with protection for a dedicatory photograph.



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Experience Being a Ninja

Experience a moment as a ninja as you indulge in a private workshop. Here you will realize all the mysteries of these spies and professional killers of primitive Japan. Experts of stealth and camouflage, ninjas, known in the Japanese language as the Shinobi, were parts of a mystery society about which almost no was known. Your private ninja lesson in Tokyo offers understanding and additionally involved guideline in reflection, weaponry and battling systems.

Ninja Workshop


Ninjas are the laborers of the night. They were mystery executors who embraced work, ordinarily during the evening, and went about as spies and professional killers of the medieval universe of Japan. The tallness of the ninja was in the sixteenth century. They’d been advancing. As Japan plunged into warlord driven political and economic system in the early Middle Ages, the territories where the ninja existed got to be more confined. As the warlords scrapped over whatever remains of Japan, the areas of Iga and Koga created their community framework and self-protection and progressed in the direction of kind of a crest of ninja at the end of the sixteenth century, at which point their abilities had been respected by others, so they were discovering livelihood in whatever remains of Japan as hired soldiers.

Ninja Workshop


This one day tour and activity will have you start early in the morning. You must first go to the JR Tabata Station, from which you will head to the dojo in the center of industrialized Tokyo. This dojo will be your ninja training center. Here you will be fitted in training clothes, called dogi, before your formal training as a ninja warrior starts. Typically ninjas would be in mask amid their missions yet they did have a mark clothing different specific to them called, Shinobi Shozoko. Shinobi shozoko was unique and had three different types, denoted by their color. Dark garments typically worn while doing missions around evening time and can additionally be an indication of death to the proposed target. The white color is utilized for missions as a part of cold zones. The green shade as cover with the goal that they are not effectively noticeable in the nature’s domain.


To guarantee that you are mentally capable and calm for the ninja training session, your private teacher will lead you in contemplation and kujikiri, which is the act of utilizing hand motions to reinforce the psyche.


When you are rationally arranged, look into shuriken, otherwise known as ninja stars. When you are warmed up, now is the right time to enter the mystery universe of the ninja, taking in their privileged insights and battling strategies. Under the direction of your expert coach, pick one of a few ninja abilities to work on. These include the Japanese combative sword techniques og the iai swordsmanship. The utilization of ropes and chains, as well as the very hard shintai-sosa.



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